Alternative Septic Systems
Alternative Septic Systems

What is an Alternative Septic System and What do I Need to Know?

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System Design Aids

We are available to help with design questions, providing shop drawings, running pump curves, design guidelines, and plan review.  Contact us when you first know you will be designing an engineered system.  We can save you time, trouble and money.

Residential Design
Download PDF  Advantex Residential Design Standards
Download PDF  AXRT Design Standards

Commercial Design
Download PDF  Commercial Plan Checklist
Download PDF  Commercial AdvanTex Design Criteria
Download PDF  Engineered Project Questionaire

General Design Information and Aids
Download PDF  Shallow Pressurized Dispersal Systems
Download PDF  Primary Tank Sizing
Download PDF  Small Community Collection Systems Construction Costs
Download PDF  Xerxes Onsite Wastewater Tank Specifications
   Excel    Geoflow Design Spreadsheet
Download PDF  Nutrient Reduction Test Results
Download PDF  LEED Profile for Advantex Systems
Download PDF  Effluent Sewers LEED Profile
Download PDF  AXMax Structural Evaluation