Alternative Septic Systems
Alternative Septic Systems

What is an Alternative Septic System and What do I Need to Know?

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We work with the finest suppliers of waste water product manufacturers in the business.  Click on the links below for information on Orenco Systems, Inc. and their wastewater treatment products, Geoflow, Inc. for their subsurface drip disposal products and Xerxes, Inc. for their larger fiberglass tanks. 

Orenco Systems, Inc. Company Information
Download PDF  About Orenco
Download PDF  Wastewater Solutions from Orenco

Orenco Treatment System Brochures
Download PDF  AX Mobile Treatment
Download PDF  AXMAX Brochure
Download PDF  AX-RT Brochure

Geoflow, Inc.
Download PDF  Geoflow Brochure

Xerxes, Inc.
Download PDF  Xerxes Wastewater Tank Brochure

For information on small community systems and grey water recovery systems click on the links below:

Community Systems
Download PDF  Affordable Solutions for Small Communities

Grey Water Systems
Download PDF  Grey Water Madera County
Download PDF  Greywater Storage and Treatment Brochure